The industries we serve

Conveying solutions since 2005 Enduride has been servicing a wide range of customers in different bulk handling industries. Through the years, we have developed standard and custom conveyor idlers, optimization solutions for mining, ship loading, gypsum, fertilizing industry, oil sand and many more. Contact our team of specialists for a conveyor survey or any other needs.

Mining industry

Used for many years in the mining sector, Enduride's products have proven their durability and reliability in this heavy-duty industry. Our products are helping our customers increasing equipment availability while reducing operating costs.

Our products are used in mining operations of iron ore, gold, diamonds, coal, potash, oil sand, and many other applications.

Industrial Sector

Thanks to our unique sealing technology, Enduride's products offer outstanding performance for several primary, secondary and tertiary processing industries. Whether for aluminum, wood, steel mills or any other specialized industry, our conveyor solutions will help you improve your production.

Ports & Ship Loading

For maritime loading docks, equipment availability is critical and there are many challenges: waiting time fees for ship loading, respect for the environment, precision measurement of the material ... Thanks to our many solutions (sealing rollers, high-precision scale rollers, anti-dust systems), Enduride has helped numerous terminals improve their operations, productivity and environmental compliance.

Oil sands

The oil sands industry is one of the most intensive and distinctive mining industries in the world. Standard mining products do not meet this sector’s needs, which involves enormous tonnages and abrasive properties of the material. Thanks to our engineering and innovative surface treatment solutions, Enduride has developed solutions that fulfill this industry’s unique requirements.


Since fertilizers can be corrosive, abrasive and volatile, at Enduride we have been able to take advantage of our sealing technology in combination with our stainless steel frames and HDPE roller coatings to offer our customers a sustainable solution.

Arctic mining

At Enduride, we are proud to manufacture the roller that operates in the coldest weather conditions in the world. As a result of the unique demands and concerns of our mining customers in the Arctic, we have completely redesigned our products, creating a roller that can operate at -73° Celsius. Our mining expertise in the Arctic climate is unique.


For the gypsum industry, the quality of the final product is critical. Following up on the concerns of many of our customers, we developed industry-specific solutions. As a result, our rollers have built-up reducing coatings, extraordinary bearing protection and concentricity (TIR) surpassing the highest industry requirements.

Other industries

In addition to the industries mentioned above, we also serve several others, such as quarries, the wood industry, the food industry and many more. Do not hesitate to contact us for a solution specific to your needs.